In-office assessment, education, and one-on-one training specializing on interpersonal relationships, periodontal therapy programs, and most importantly, increasing your hygiene production.

Cristina Boata Dental Consultants is an in-office consulting company that does on-site, in-office dental hygiene assessment, educates, promotes, and motivates your Registered Dental Hygienists to increase production in the hygiene department by building a business model which incorporates Soft Tissue and Periodontal Maintenance Programs. We involve the dentist, hygienists and all staff members in learning the DISC program to encourage positive attitudes in the dental office, understanding their patients and colleagues, minimizing conflicts and maximizing relationships by understanding and addressing different personality styles. Educating all members of the team will motivate and exude positivity, which will create a successful dental practice. One-on-one clinical assessments will identify areas of weakness, which can be improved by implementing stronger hand-offs between dentists and hygienists to promote Phase III treatment to patients.

What’s Included?

·3-day in-office clinical assessment and formal in class education seminar

·DISC training

·Maximize clinical providers schedules

·Soft tissue and periodontal maintenance programs

·Clinical success

·Informative, motivated and educational presentation by a highly successful Registered Dental Hygienist who understands the entrepreneurial aspect of Dentistry